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Recipe Converter from Recipe Conversion .net is a downloadable software application for creating recipes, converting ingredients weights and measures and calculating new sizes of ingredients for larger or smaller variations of the recipe.

Recipe Conversion | Features:

  • Create clear cleanly formatted Recipes for School, Home or Professional use
  • Easily change recipe sizes (portions) without any difficult calculations
  • Automatically convert Imperial to Metric units and vice versa
  • Save and Load your recipes
  • Printout Recipes – supports A4/Letter/Legal
  • Copy your recipe to the clipboard for use in other programs, compatible with Microsoft Word, Open Office Writer etc

With Recipe Converter it is really simple to create new Recipes and convert measures.

Recipe Converter Software

See Recipe Converter in Action…

In the following example we create a simple Cheese Scones recipe.


 Recipe Conversion | Ingredients Page

Recipe Conversion Software Ingredient Page Screenshot

The Ingredients Page is where the Recipe name in this case “Cheese Scones” is entered.

Each Ingredient is also entered and then a unit of measure selected from the drop down list, the amount is entered in the last box.

New Ingredient lines become available as the previous line is completed.


Recipe Conversion | Portions Page

 The questions on the Portions Page are self explainatory. In the given example the recipe will be doubled from 6 to 12 portions. To keep the recipe final recipe unchanged the entered recipe portions must be the same as the new recipe portions.

Recipe Conversion | Method Page

Recipe Conversion Software Method Page Screenshoot

You can optionally enter a method or instructions for your new recipe using the built in Text Editor.

Recipe Conversion | New Recipe With Method

Recipe Conversion Software Recipe Page with Method Screenshot

 The New Recipe Page displays your new recipe in Metric and Imperial units as well as the units that you used to enter the recipe. In the example we have doubled the ingredients of the entered recipe.

The Method appears on the new recipe page and will also be copied to the clipboard when Copy is pressed.

Pressing the Copy button will copy the new recipe text to the clipboard for insertion into other programs and documents for example Microsoft Word.

Recipe Conversion | Print Preview with Method

Recipe Conversion Software Print Preview incluing Method Screenshot

The new Recipe can be easily printed. A print preview screenshot is shown above.

An example output can be found by clicking -> Simple Cheese Scones

This has been a very simple example of Recipe Converter, but much more complicated recipes can be entered and recipe conversion applied.

Recipe Conversion Software

Recipe Conversion Software

We hope the will be of use to you.
Recipe Conversion Team

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